4 thoughts on “Open a bird cafe

    1. once you open the post try clicking on the red text after it says, “source” . you should see, “open a bird cafe”. if that does not work let me know and i will add a different link.

  1. The bird cafe info opened up for me when I clicked on the red words!

    I’m very interested in this idea as I love to see birds in my garden! But, there’s a problem. The problem is that birds get lots and lots of natural food around this area of Stanwell Park and they don’t need me to give them any other food that might not be as healthy for them.

    Instead I’ve planted some new bushes that have flowers and seeds that birds like to eat and already some birds are coming to the garden for a feast!

    I do wonder if some of the birds might like a little seed treat from me sometimes though – what do you think?

    1. Sally,
      Birds who have lots of natural sources of food might enjoy a place to get a drink instead. Perhaps you could try a watering station or a birdbath. Sometimes water is harder to find than food!

      Do you still have the window bird feeder I sent you? I t might be fun to set that up if you do.

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