5 thoughts on “Wetlands in Leeds

  1. Sally and Elliott,

    You have such wonderful Parks to visit! Vermont has a lot of natural Wetlands but few Parks. Wetlands seem to be an important part of the Ecosystem. I am excited to find out why. I can’t wait to see what we all discover together.

    1. We learned that fiddler crabs live in the wetlands. Wetlands are home to lots of animals like Fishey (Elliott came up with the spelling himself). The soil kind of filters the water!
      nffhhn bfvjfbhhfbhjfhjhggjhhgjjfrfhrtjtrhhthuhutjghgh&hkjbjjbhghybg&
      (This is Elliott’s silly word)

      1. Yes – I found that out too that the soil kind of filters the water! The sign I read that talks about the wetlands says that the roots and soil filter the water. I looked up the word filter in the dictionary and the word can be used in different ways. A filter can remove (or get rid of) impurities (things that shouldn’t be there!) when they pass through the filter.

        Does this picture help explain it?


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